Atten 858D SMD

If you ever need to do surface mount rework, remove surface mount components, etc, etc, this tool is simply brilliant.  The most brilliant thing about it is the price – for around GBP 40.00 you get a tool that used to cost several hundred pounds.  Indeed many still do and we're not saying this tool is better than the high priced models.  However for this price buying the tool from eBay is a no brainer and once you receive it (typically from China) it will quickly become one of those indispensable tools you'll wonder how you ever did without.  Get over the price concern, it is too cheap but it does what it says on the tin and it does it well!

Duratool – D01841

The Atten 858D is great but its limitation is the nozzles.  If you are trying to lift larger IC's off a PCB being able to use nozzles designed for the job helps massively.  So if you've got a bit more money to spend (but still in the very cheap category of rework stations) the Duratool D01841 is fantastic because its still pretty cheap and it has a whole range of SMD rework attachments available that are incredibly cheap compared to traditional systems. For around GBP 120.00 you can kit yourself out with main unit and all the additional nozzles. No, sorry the nozzles don't fit the Atten because although they will clamp around the end there's a large hole left on the side for the hot air to escape out of instead of down the nozzle.  

Available from CPC

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